Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Siapa Kata Saya Suka Awak ?

Assalamualaikum .
Hey boy! Who said I love you? Who said I want to snatch you from your beloved lover? I'm sure that will not happen. Forever will not. You're not the only one handsome guy in this world. Actually, you're not handsome kind people say. You arrogant with me, I do not care. You arrogant with me, you intentionally refrain you from me, you hurt my feelings, made ​​me realize you're not a good guy to me.

I would stay away from me than you. I will not rebuke you. I will not look at you. I will not laugh if you make stupid jokes. Everything is not going to happen! In the past, I admit that I always see you. I worry if you do not come school. But now, no longer occur.

Now, I'm interested in other people. I'm interested in him because .... his face kind Alyph SleeQ face. I'm not lying! I always hope you read this entry. I want you to read this and you know my feelings on you.

That's all. Bye.

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