Friday, 9 March 2012

Teacher & Student Can't be in Love !

Assalamualaikum ~ 
Waalaikumsalam ~
hahaha ! We meet again here . 
Like usual, I'm always come with the new tOpic .
Did u read the title before u read this ?
I'm sure u did.
Like kinda hot topic right ? Yeah it is ! 

Back to the title people , have u ever heard about a student couple with the teacher ?
Yes , No ?
If me , yes I already heard about it. 
For me , this kind of cases cause by the two person called student and teacher tht were too closed to each other until they cant realise tht they already fallin' in love at the same time. 
At the first stage, the two characters just consider they relationship as a student and a teacher only. But u just think , every relationship in this world begin with different situation. 
Same with this cases, they only consider their closed relationship like a small matter. And loyal to this phrase - ''cinta tidak mengenal usia''As if it already force them to do a big mistake in life. 
It also make a worst if the teacher already married and have a baby perhaps. 

Talk about effect of this case .
You can already see the bad side lead the rate.
The student focus in the class may be disturb by this prob while the teacher cant give a full attention to other student.
If it's only they can control themselve and stay focus.

My advice is always remember your limit to be close with your teacher. Not even teacher but all people around u. 
That's all ! 


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