Friday, 2 November 2012

Friends, We Will Meet Next Year!

Dear Friends,
       For me, the awkward moment when we do not go to school for two months. Its like, ahh! I hate that! Sad, boring, don't know what to do and many more reason that I don't know to write here. Soo LOL xP Its like terrible day actually, HAHA! What am I talking nonsense? Ohh, I feel like silly girl, today :'(

       So, today we met for the last time, err, not last actually. InsyaAllah next year we will meet again! Hehe, hey, look at me! On the first day I already miss you guys ;p And I still remember we played OLD MAID cards ! Me, Khadijah, Aliah, Venitha, Khairiah, Zulaikha, Aida and Adlina..ohh I am very miss that moment when we beated our hand together ;p Then, the boys said we were like childish playing the OLD MAID cards. Werk! Excuse me, its not your business, incik incik sekalian. ;p The important is, we enjoyed it. HAHA!

       There you're, Anis, next year you will be in a big trouble. Extremely big! Always remember, next year you are in PMR candidates, so what you want to do? Hurmm *thinking like a big boss* Okay, firstly, I want to forget him, second, either I am in the first class or second class, I don't care. What am I care is, about my education and my motto to get straight 8A's in my PMR! Insya Allah :)

       I want to stop here. Like pidato I think, hehe. It's almost midnight, so friends, I will miss you and miss you and miss you, and miss you so much! Take care okay and see you soon ;) See ya! Bye Assalamualaikum.


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